We compile simulation models on the basis of the method of learning with standardized people in the area of professional education, advanced training and continuing education.


Central idea of the simulations is to produce a very authentic situation in which the participants have the possibility, in a sure and protected atmosphere, to test their practical and communicative skills with standardized people, to train and to improve.


Vocational training simulations are suitable for almost all professions, including work covering simulations and the improvement of team-covering cooperation.

Standardized people


standardized people are actors from all age and ethnological groups who are intensely trained by us to perform a certain role in a certain situation.


standardized people are active training partners for learners and students, as well as for qualified adults, wanting to develop on their jobs.


The work of standardized people limits itself not only to the realistic performance. At the end of the training he gives a constructive feedback.


If required, the training is rounded up by the video recording which allows a later video analysis.

Operational areas


standardized people are applicable in all areas and fields.

  • For school and study
  • In the classroom
  • For the vocational education
  • For exams
  • Specific for branch trainings
  • Work covering trainings
  • For Workshops
  • For communicationtrainings
  • Interaction trainings
  • For the production of learning videos
  • For occupational competitions